Common Causes Of Childhood Injuries

download (98)If you fully understand the most common causes of childhood injuries, you will know what to look out for around your home and when you are outside. Surely, you will be able to keep your child safe.

It is indeed impossible for you, as a parent, to wrap your kid in cotton wool. Bruises, bumps, falls, and scrapes are all part of growing up. However, know that there are some practical steps and planning that can prevent these accidents. It has been proven that accidental injuries are the biggest cause of disability and deaths in children under 15 years old. What is more shocking is that most of these injuries are preventable.

Common Injuries & Accidents

The most common causes of childhood injuries will include falls, poisoning, burns and scalds, assault, and road accidents like running out into traffic.

On the other hand, the most common causes of child deaths will include traffic accidents, assault, and drowning. Other causes include bicycle accidents, crushing and trapping, fire and smoke, and strangling, choking and suffocation.

All About Falls And Its Prevention

As mentioned above, falls are among the most common causes of accidents in each age group. Babies and children starting to move around, they are most likely to have bumps and falls. Oftentimes, child injuries happen if you do not expect it due to the fact that the little ones grow and develop new skills so fast.

Watching the new skills your kid is learning along with the new places he can reach and get to, and adjusting your environment to suit are the best things you can do to keep your child safe.

Factors Influencing Injuries From Falls

Height Children Can Fall From – The lower the height, the lower the danger is.

What Child Fall Onto – Hard surfaces like ceramic tiles, concrete, and compacted sand are more hazardous than softer surfaces.

What Your Child May Hit As They Fall – Furniture with sharp edges like bedside tables and coffee tables must be placed in areas where kids are unlikely to fall on them.

Other Things You Can Do To Prevent Injuries

Parents, like you, must keep an eye on your children during situations where they are most likely to get into difficulties. These include when they are in the bath, in the kitchen, visiting away from home, at the pool or near water, and near car parks, driveways and roads.